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les architextures
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Johann Le Guillerm


To act on the world disorders to detect other layouts and create a new poetic order. An original cartography of a planet without places, Attraction is a project-manifesto to take ownership of our environment, to think by ourselves.

A position. To disrupt our convictions, resist ready-to-think and open up new alternatives.
A protocol of the sight. The world is what we see of it and what is invisible to us. In order to fully comprehend it, it is needed to take into account the multiplicity of points of views that we have.
Principles. Repartir de zéro, observer, expérimenter, tenter, créer.
A rhizome artwork made of accumulations, hybridizations, and mutations that constantly slip between various artistic fields.
A work in progress in constant evolution that shapes a landscape with infinite borders.

See Secret (Temps 1 and Temps 2) performance on a circus ring, Les Imaginographes observation tools, La Transumante performance, Les Architextures sculptures, L'observatoire, research laboratory around the point, La Motte and Les Imperceptibles sculptures in motion, Le Pas grand chose conference-performance (created in 2017)


Dans le cadre d'Attraction Le Mans
Ville du Mans, (72)
Le 26/01/19 de 14h à 20h, Place du Jet d'eau
Le 27/01/19 de 11h à 17h, Place des Jacobins

Dans le cadre d'Attraction Le Mans
Ville du Mans, (72)
Place du Jet d'eau
À partir de Décembre 2018


Le Mucem, Marseille (13)
En partenariat avec la BIAC, Marseille
20/01/19 à 17h

L'Avant-Scène, Cognac (16)
Dans le cadre d'Attraction à Cognac
23/01/19 à 20h30

Théâtre de Grasse (06)
En partenariat avec la BIAC, Marseille
31/01/19 à 20h




Artist coming from the circus world, Johann Le Guillerm studied at the Centre National des Arts du Cirque, he toured with Archaos, la volière Dromesko, co-founded the Cirque O. In 1994, he founded his own company and created a first solo show, Où ça ? , which toured five years. Johann Le Guillerm was awarded in 1996 with the Grand Prix National du Cirque, in 2005 with the Grand Prix des Arts du Cirque SACD and in 2017 the Grand Prix SACD. After a round-the-world trip during which he faces the imbalances of handicapped, traumatized and autarkic worlds, in 2001 he embarked on the Attraction project to take a 360° look at the world. The project led him to explore sculpture, installation, performance, conference and show. A multidisciplinary trajectory he calls practice of the range of points of view.

Since 2011, Johann Le Guillerm is supported and hosted by the Mairie de Paris at the Jardin d’Agronomie Tropicale – Paris, for a creative research residency.


The company works on create mediation tools with a direct link to the artistic project. The setting up of workshops, experiences, professional meetings or specific builds itself into a joint project with cultural structures to say, to do, to feel through experimentation, the gaze, the movement. Thus, projects are built that nurture and are nurtured on long term by the mediation project.

Public speaking

Johann Le Guillerm : The Alchimist
Johann Le Guillerm : From the idea to the object
Johann Le Guillerm : A moment of equilibrium


Partners and credits

ATTRACTION Coproductions (Since 2011)
Le Channel, Scène nationale de Calais / Agora, Pôle national des arts du cirque de Boulazac Aquitaine / Excentrique, festival mis en œuvre par Culture O Centre, Ateliers de développement culturel / Le Manège, Scène nationale de Reims / L’ Apostrophe,  Scène nationale de Cergy-Pontoise et du Val d’Oise / Le Quartz, Scène nationale de Brest / Le Volcan, Scène nationale du Havre / 2 Pôles Cirque en Normandie, La Brèche à Cherbourg - Cirque-Théâtre d’Elbeuf / Théâtre de l’Agora,  Scène nationale d’Evry et de l’Essonne/Les Treize Arches, Scène conventionnée de Brive / TANDEM, Théâtre d’Arras - Hippodrome de Douai, Scène nationale / Archaos, Pôle national des Arts du Cirque Méditerranée / Le Grand T, Théâtre de Loire Atlantique / Le Monfort, Paris / CREAC de Bègles

Johann Le Guillerm was welcomed as a writing residence for the show Le Pas Grand Chose at Saorge Monastery as part of Operation Monuments en mouvement of the Centre des Monuments Nationaux.

With the support of the Ministry of Culture and Communication (DGCA and DRAC Ile-de-France), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Institut Français), the Ile-de-France Regional Council, Essonne, the City of Paris and the Institut Français / Ville de Paris.

Cirque ici - Johann Le Guillerm is supported and hosted by the Mairie de Paris in research residency at the Jardin d'Agronomie Tropicale (Department of Culture and Direction of Green Spaces and the Environment).

The BNP Paribas Foundation has accompanied Cirque ici - Johann Le Guillerm from 1999 to 2010

Photos ou ça ?  et  Attraction : Philippe Cibille
Photos portraits - Le Pas Grand Chose : Joanne Azoubel
Photo Le Pas Grand Chose : Elizabeth Carecchio
Photos Transumante : Daniel Raoulas



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